PFML Recorded Webinar Series

PFML Recorded Webinar Series

Recorded Content

Paid Family Medical Leave Three Part Webinar: 

Session 1: Join us for this session to review the provisions of Paid Family Medical Leave. Understand recent developments and what you need to be aware of as you prepare to implement PFML in your workplace in 2021.

Session 2: Join us for this session as we dive into real-life leave scenarios to help you prepare for leaves of absence in 2021.  Are you prepared to answer employee questions about eligibility, duration of leave, and whether leave will be paid or unpaid? Do you know when to apply PFML, FMLA, EST, MPLA or other types of leave separately or on an overlapping basis?  As a group, we’ll discuss the thought process employers will need to go through at the onset of employee leave to manage the leave appropriately. Note: One session is for employers with fewer than 50 employees and the other session is for employers with 50 or more employees.

Session 3: Paid Family Medical Leave will require new documentation for employees and employers.  Join us to learn more about what information you can ask employees, where you should store this information, what information will be shared with the Department of Paid Family Medical Leave and how to proactively communicate with your employees.  



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