Human Resources Roundtable February

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM   Export to iCalendar

How to Implement a Successful Continuous Performance Management Process

Jamie Resker, Founder and Practice Leader at Employee Performance Solutions, will share a two-step process and the tools and tips to help you implement a successful continuous performance management process. Whether your employees are working from home or on-site, the method will improve performance, strengthen work relationships, and clarify work priorities (all the things your performance management system should accomplish!).

You'll learn how to use a two-step approach enabling you to:

• Continue to measure and track performance without the traditional "meets expectations" rating labels, and use this information to help inform pay, promotions, and other employment decisions.

• Identify your high, mid-level, new/developing, low results-good behaviors, mid-high results/disruptive behavior, and off-target results/behavior employees with the Employee Performance Continuum.

• Reshape and strengthen manager and employee communications with more frequent forward-looking dialogue [versus reviewing past performance] with the 10-Minute Questions Conversation framework.

• Incorporate your organization's values and competencies into a one-page easy to complete form with writing prompts for managers.

• Use communication strategies designed to socialize alternatives to performance appraisals, involve your change sponsors, and influence change resisters.



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