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Live Webinar: Marijuana and Its Impact on the Workplace Wed, Jun 26, 2019 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM The legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in Massachusetts, and the opening of both medical dispensaries and retail stores has left employers a little hazy on how these laws impact their businesses. Indeed, employers are unsure how these laws interrelate with other employment law requirements they must adhere to. They also are uncertain how these laws affect their current policies and practices regarding drug-testing, drug-free workplace, disability policies, and other related policies. Learning objectives of this webinar include; a review of best practices from other states that have longer experience with legalization, exploration of current legal cases surrounding marijuana, recommendations in developing and implementing a drug policy now, how to deal with marijuana possession at work, and how to navigate your drug testing program. The module will also include practical advice on how to manage legal compliance with medical marijuana in the workplace.

Speakers: Lori Bourgoin, SVP Field Operations, AIM HR Solutions, Daniel C. Carr, Associate Attorney at Royal, P.C, James McMahon, Massachusetts Cannabis Business Association (MassCBA) and Brad MacDougall, VP Government Affairs, AIM

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